The New Kindle Paperwhite (Video Review)

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2013 Kindle Paperwhite Review

Those of us who own a Kindle Paperwhite from last year were very eager to see how Amazon was going to update their next generation. Needless to say Amazon failed to disappoint once again. Amazon has now included a faster processor, easier to use touchscreen, and integrated a better light into your device.

The downside of this new device is that you still have to pay another 20 Dollars to remove the ads from your device. The device hasn’t lost any weight and the New Kindle Paperwhite is still the same size.

Many users are still hesitating when it comes to upgrading their device from the 2012 version; I must say finding out their new device now includes the E Ink Pearl 2 Display… instantly changed my mind. The E Ink Pear 2 Display is why the device is faster and more responsive than ever before.

When comparing the devices side by side a few features are extremely prevalent. The screen lighting is now even all the way across your device removing the murky look previously acquired by the 2012 version. They have upgraded the backlighting making it the perfect device to read books on in the dark even though you must still go into your settings to adjust your brightness. If you wish to turn off the backlight you will notice the devices look basically identical, but if you prefer the sharper looking text it is best to read in the dark with your backlight fully on. One of the minor upgrades is the “flashing.” The 2013 kindle can now go longer without having to update the screen via flashing.

The Kindle battery life nor the storage space has changed. I am sure by now you are wondering the price of these new devices. The New Kindle Paperwhite starts out at $119 for the basic model and runs up to $189 for the advanced model available November 5th.

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